The Macedonia2025 Summit, a dynamic platform for sharing knowledge on business, economy, technology, innovation and value-based leadership, will take place on 13 – 15 November in Marriott Hotel – Skopje. With 50+ prominent speakers and a diverse audience consisting of 400+ high officials, diplomats, executives, entrepreneurs, academia members and successful young professionals, the Summit will offer a rich 3-day program filled with 10+ panels and breakout sessions. The following are the core matters that represent key challenges:

  • Innovations and their Impact on Environment/ Air Pollution 
  • Envisioning the Future of Jobs and Skills
  • Digital Platform Companies
  • Family Businesses
  • Financing Options for SME 
  • Global Economic and Geopolitical Trends

The Summit discussions will contribute towards adopting best practices in our country, thus shaping the present into a tomorrow in parallel step with leading countries, inspiring change in Southeast Europe.