Filip Van Hool

Filip Van Hool

Filip Van Hool

Filip Van Hool (1964), is born as the son of Denis Van Hool, who started in 1946 the Van Hool Company together with his father and 3 of his brothers.

Filip studied economics at the UFSIA (University of Antwerp) and Commercial Engineering at the EHSAHL (Brussels).

After obtaining his university degrees he started his professional career on the work floor at Van Hool and he worked himself up to a member of the Board of Directors, responsible for the production of buses and coaches and letter also of the sales of buses and coaches. Combining both tasks works very well in a production company that focuses as a niche player on innovation and tailor-made craftsmanship.  He is very well aware of what can be sold and the demand on the market.

His approach of delivering a coach is not one of supplier-customer relationship but as a partnership.  He adds to this a focus on budgets and cost control. Measuring is knowing.

In 2001 he was appointed board member at ABC Companies, USA, an American company specialized in the distribution of Van Hool vehicles, but also very active in the aftersales with spare parts and maintenance work throughout the USA and Canada.

In 2009, during the international bus fare “Busworld” he was nominated as “Bus builder of the year”.

At the beginning of this year, 2013, the Board of directors of the group Van Hool appointed him as the first CEO of the group.

He is married and has one son and enjoys traveling, skiing, swimming and motorbiking in his free time.