Igor Popovski

Igor Popovski

Igor Popovski


Igor Popovski is founder and CEO of CRNOBELO MEDIA, an Internet media and entertainment company with focus on digital media with a master degree in E-Business Management

Before devoting his work fulltime to CRNOBELO MEDIA he worked as Product Analyst at Seavus, dedicated mostly at the process of development of new products in form of online stores and Android/iOS applications.

At CRNOBELO MEDIA his focus in the past 11 years has been in positioning the leading company portal CRNOBELO.com as the primary place for online entertainment on the Macedonian market. Having great success in this mission, he manages the process of launching an additional self-serving portal for job employment – www.oglasizarabota.mk which is among the top three employment portals in the country.

After the success of CRNOBELO.com on the Macedonian market, in 2018 he expands the company on the Serbian market with the Serbian version of the portal – CRNOBELO.rs.

He is also a founding member and ex-president of IAB Macedonia, currently holding a position as part of the managing board.

Igor Popovski was elected as one of the most successful business leaders in South Eastern Europe at the 2019 Business Elite’s “40 under 40” Summit for South Eastern Europe.