Kristijan Danilovski

Kristijan Danilovski

Kristijan Danilovski

Kristijan Danilovski is one of the pioneers of the digital animation and VFX industry in Macedonia and the region. An Emmy award nominee, member of the Academy of TV Arts and Sciences and member of the Visual Effects Society. In the past 25 years he, together with his business partner Milivoje Gorgevic founded several animation and VFX companies in Macedonia, Serbia, US, and Canada.

Born in 1971 in Skopje, in a family of engineers, he followed the same path and graduated at the Faculty of Mechanical engineering oriented towards automobile design. Attracted by the appearance of the personal computers and interested by the technology, his curiosity leads to a hobby and later on with the development of computer graphics transforms into a profession.

With Milivoje Gorgevic as his partner, they founded fX3X in 1997, produced hundreds of TV commercials and one of their first achievements is the first Macedonian CG animated series “The White Road”, in 1999. As they progressed in 2003 they produced the first digital visual effects in a Macedonian feature film, “The Great Water”.

FX3X’s collaboration with Hollywood started with Scorsese’s ‘Aviator in 2004, after years of research and detailed and guided preparation, and in 2007 Danilovski is personally nominated for an Emmy award as the CG producer on the mini TV series „The path to 9/11″. He soon becomes a member of the Academy for TV Arts and Sciences.

With his partner Gjorgjevik, they supported the University American College’s initiative to prepare an application for FX3X to enter a prestigious selection for European Champions of Entrepreneurship. The company was selected as a Champion and awarded in Warsaw 2011. Within this cooperation, an International academic textbook was created with successful case study stories called „Entrepreneurial Icebreakers: Insights and Case Studies from Internationally Successful Central and Eastern European Entrepreneurs” published by Palgrave and Macmillan. FX3X earned its place in this book with the rest of the success stories by overcoming the obstacles and successfully positioning itself in the global competitive market.

FX3X has over 120 Hollywood blockbusters in its portfolio, collaboration on over 20 Macedonian films and over 20 from the regional productions, also several TV series (Game of Thrones and Star Trek – to name a few) Kristijan Danilovski has been executive producer of visual effects on the collaborations with the most attractive franchises: Jurassic World is the latest one, but the list starts from Terminator, Avengers, all Marvel’s superheroes, Star Wars, James Bond, Fast and furious, Transformers, X-men, Mission Impossible, DC Comics superheroes (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman), Star Trek, Alien, Hunger games etc.

Privately, Kristijan Danilovski is a former water polo player for the national team, still plays the occasional game with his buddies. His personal interests are technology, engineering, robotics, go-carts and F1, design and following all of the novelties in the film production industry.