Pia Barboric Jurjasevic

Pia Barboric Jurjasevic

Pia Barboric Jurjasevic

Pia Barboric Jurjasevic is successfully leading cluster management team in Adriatic region for over 3 years now. But in order to be able to do so, Pia had over 20 year’s long successful career in her home country Slovenia, but also across the region.

After graduated at Faculty of Economy in Ljubljana, she worked for 3 years in fashion production and marketing in Slovenia and Adriatic, setting the basis for a future career that was more or less concentrated around this diversified and exciting region.

She started her career in the tobacco industry in the mid-’90s when she was responsible for marketing activities of Tobacna Ljubljana and especially for one of the most successful regional brands ever – Boss. She served as Marketing Director in Slovenia and Regional Marketing Director for Boss.

Her career then developed toward general management roles and she took over the position of General Manager for Slovenia in 2004, adding in 2007 responsibility for the distribution and retail business in Slovenia as well, being responsible for over 200 people.

Following the successful development of business in Slovenia, Pia’s work was recognized in the Imperial Group and she became responsible for 8 markets of Adriatic. In her current role she is fully responsible for performance of all 8 markets, setting strategy and goals for all markets and brands, cooperation with distributors and other partners, business development through innovation and improvement of current business models and leadership of 8 professionals responsible for market activities, marketing, sales, corporate affairs, research and planning, human resources and finance.

Pia’s rich experience is including building of new local brands and launching them over several markets, building equity of international brands, creating marketing campaigns, leading transformation of the company through various restructurings and adjusting to business environment and business needs of a company and market, leading complex teams and working in highly dynamic environment where being decisive but very flexible at the same time is key of success.

Pia is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, but on a weekly basis, she is traveling to other capitals of Adriatic countries.