Who we are

International, independent, nonpartisan, non-profit “think & do” tank founded in 2007 by Macedonian expatriates who envision a proactive way of contributing to the economic and democratic development of Macedonia. With headquarters in Skopje and supporters around the globe, we encompass a wide array of programs that enable expatriates to give back to their homeland.

Our Vision:

We are dedicated to helping create a prosperous economic climate and a “stronger nation” that will improve opportunities for citizens, companies, and foreign investors. We promote sustainable economic growth through fostering competitiveness, entrepreneurship, innovation and value-based leadership.

Our core Values

  • We envision programs, advocacy and research facilitating creation of an advanced knowledge and transformation of Macedonia into a vibrant economy
  • We energize the Macedonian citizens, businesses, academia and Diaspora through collaboration, networking and social engagements
  • We evolve the leadership, managerial and entrepreneurial capacities of the Macedonian leaders of tomorrow globally through talent development programs
  • We excel in efficient execution of all programs and maximum leverage of our donors’ support
  • We promote ethical approach to business as a fundamental pillar of a healthy and prosperous society

Main strategic Objectives

“Think” (provide independent perspectives, foster discussion, incite calls to action) and “Do” (execute programs, convene key stakeholders, impact policy) in 5 major areas:

  1. Accelerate economic development (Attract Foreign Investment; Support competitiveness of Macedonian companies and stimulate export development; Support the growth of entrepreneurs and start-up companies)
  2. Implement education programs that accelerate leadership development and inspire and improve entrepreneurship in Macedonia
  3. Provide the Diaspora an opportunity to strengthen and improve linkages worldwide
  4. Advocate the ideals of transparent, democratic and inclusive society – good for the citizens, good for economic development, and good for the Country
  5. Maintain and help facilitate discussions on a ‘Country Dashboard’, to ensure broad progress on growth and quality of life is being made and headed in right direction

Meet Our Staff



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Macedonia2025 Summit


We cordially invite you to join us at the seventh edition of the Macedonia2025 Summit that will take place from 7 – 10 November in Skopje, Macedonia. Macedonia2025 Summit is a premier regional gathering that serves as a platform for sharing knowledge and inspiring change in a region that is eager to transform. Having some of the greatest minds in business, science, and technology as our speakers, we shape the present into a tomorrow as a parallel step with the world’s leading countries.

This year, with “Celebrating Success” as the Summit main theme, we aim to once again highlight leaders from around the world who implement best business practices and achieve great success. This year we expect more than 40+ top-notch speakers and a diverse audience consisting of 500 high officials, diplomats, executives, entrepreneurs, academia members and young leaders. We will put on pedestal the many success stories that became a reality through the investments done by investors and entrepreneurs. We will hear the stories of several internationally successful Macedonian startups, and we will promote great education and leadership development practices. As always, we will discuss global economic trends, this year showcasing leading examples in the fields of renewables, natural resources, energy, etc. As throughout the years, discussions on high-tech and IT will be present, plus adding healthcare this year as a new panel topic.

In the previous editions of the Summit, we had keynote speakers like Dr. Guruduth Banavar, Chief Science Officer and Vice President, IBM Research; Harry Kraemer, Kellogg School of Management professor; Sandy Ogg, Operating Partner at the Blackstone Group; Mike Zafirovski, Board Member at Boeing, Chris Galvin, former CEO of Motorola; Suan Hiang Lee, President of the Economic Development Board Society, Singapore; Aco Momcilovic, CHRO at Rimac Automobili, Ruben Vardanyan, Russian impact investor and social entrepreneur, and many others.

It presents us a great pleasure to invite you to join us for this event and leave your own mark in the shaping of a better, more efficient and more economically diverse future for the Southeast Europe region and the Republic of Macedonia.


Zoran Martinovski,

IFC World Bank Country Manager


Ana Arsov,

Managing Director in Moodyʼs U.S. Financial Institutions team

Last year’s testimonials

Another successful Macedonia 2025 Summit! Euromax is proud to be a great supporter of such a distinguished organization, dedicated to helping create a stronger nation and prosperous economic climate in Macedonia.
- Euromax Resources
It was a very enlightening summit and I learned a lot. Thank you very much from the very bottom of my heart for providing me with this opportunity.
- Shuichi Fukuda, Professor of System Design and Management, Keio University (Tokyo)
I would like to thank you for an experience that was more than perfect. Every aspect of the summit was so well thought over and executed with distinction. It was one of the best conventions that I have ever participated in, and I have a firm belief that it would lead to many fantastic collaborations between Israel and Macedonia. We will definitely keep in touch, and I'm looking forward to see you in the very near future.
- Michael Mizrahi, Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development at Azrieli College, and Director of AtoBe
There cannot be a better way of helping the country then by investing in the education of capable people who are going to oversee and compel the business sector in Macedonia and help the country develop. Macedonia2025 provides ways for motivated people to expand their education and give everything they have to contribute to the overall situation in the country and from within the country. At the same time it lobbies among influential business people around the world. If you only knew how many successful Macedonians there are around the world, who are prepared to give for free their knowledge and help us, you wouldn't be so indifferent! I want to thank everyone for their selfless dedication. With that kind of attitude we should expect change. By commenting, making general conclusions and by simply attacking political figures, we are never going to achieve the desired outcomes. Helping build a stronger nation!
- Mitko Andonov, Kolid Macedonia
I would like to thank you and your team from the Macedonia 2025 office in Skopje for a most professional and well organized Summit. I attended the Summit in Ohrid in October 2012, and that was quite excellent; however the October 2016 Summit has set a new level of excellence. I must say that I found the whole arrangement to be most enjoyable. I was particularly impressed with the quality of the presentations. They covered many different aspects and subjects of business; and for those of us who were not involved in every subject they were informative and most enlightening. Once again, a most successful event and I am already looking forward to next year’s Summit.
- Prof. Slavica Waite Managing Director, PEC International Limited, UK