“CookUp Hub” and “EcoGrower” – Winners of the Regional Business Pitching Competition supported by the Western Balkans Fund

LEADER Project winners from Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, pitched their business ideas for a final time, as part of the Regional Business Pitching Competition, supported by the Western Balkans Fund, which happened on 7 November, within the first day of the Macedonia2025 Summit (7-10 November) in Skopje.

Due to tight scores, two best business ideas won the first place. The team comprised of Valentina Čolić, Vladimir Jovanović and Milan Stojanović from Serbia, who presented “CookUp Hub” – a unique solution for food entrepreneurs, which allows entrepreneurs to work together, motivate each other, learn from each other, exchange valuable contacts, and get the advisory support they need. The second winning idea was that of Olga Rajchikj from Macedonia, titled “EcoGrower” – 100% natural and organic fertilizer.

“Prior to all the three competitions, we have all been continually working with our appointed mentors, which helped us a lot in the professional development and how to most effectively present our idea in front of the jury. The feedback that we constantly get, as well as the many opportunities for regional networking are a crucial benefit of this amazing project.” – emphasized Olga Rajchikj after the end of the final competition.

This regional business pitching competition has been enabled thanks to the project “Strengthening of Cross-border Cooperation and Relations in the Western Balkans through People to People Contact of Young Entrepreneurs“, funded by the Western Balkans Fund. The partner organizations to the project are CANSEE (Canadian – Serbian Business Association), Macedonia2025 and Restart (Bosnia and Hercegovina).