Summit Daily Highlights – Wednesday 7 November

The seventh annual Macedonia 2025 Summit opened today at the Marriott Skopje with a snapshot of Macedonian entrepreneurship in 2018. If today’s events are an accurate reflection then Macedonian entrepreneurship is growing and leaving entrenched positions of previous generations behind.

Young entrepreneurs

The day began with finals for a high school and the Western Balkan Fund entrepreneurship competitions. The ideas and business plans get better every year. A new entrepreneurship culture is taking root in Macedonia thanks to the efforts from the private sector, NGOs, and the government. In years ahead Macedonia will reap a harvest from growing companies.

Growth through executive education

In the first official session we heard from entrepreneurs and leaders of top performing Macedonian companies, including Zatar Design, Makweld, and Synapse Aviation. Participants reflected on their transformative experiences in programs ran by Macedonia2025, including the Zafirovski Executive Development Program (Kellogg Business School), and the Bitove Family Entrepreneurial (Ceso).

“The program allowed me to step outside the everyday work of my business and to make good strategic decisions that we are now harvesting results from”.
Illija Jolevski, Ellipse Software, on his experience with the Bitove Family Entrepreneurial Scholarship.

From start-up to disruptor

The third session ended the arc on entrepreneurship by looking at some recent Macedonian startups who are looking to disrupt their markets. They reflected on the benefits and challenges of start-ups in Macedonia.

Macedonian companies need to think global because of small domestic market and lack of capital. Macedonian entrepreneurs need to transition from building great products to building great companies.

Thirty years ago we were socialist. Our parents did not start companies. We are first and second generation entrepreneurs.
Emma Poposka, Co-Founder and CEO of Bron.Tech