Internationally Successful Macedonian Startups

Which Macedonian Startups have made it to the global startup scene and how they have achieved it?

Macedonian startups are making a mark to the world and this panel will shed a light to some of the success stories from Macedonia and the companies that are disrupting industries and competing with giants on the international scene.

The five following panelists will share their pitfalls and challenges they faced through the years of working in Tech:

Panel Chair:

  • Igor Madzov, Founder of Start-up Macedonia


  • Gligor Dacevski, CEO and Co-founder of DoxOut
  • Katerina Bojkov, Co-founder of EmbedSocial
  • Nenad Cubrinovski, COO of Inplayer
  • Igor Hristov, CEO of Fueloyal
  • Emma Poposka, Co-founder and CEO of Bron. Tech

One thing is for sure that the audience can expect much more than growth hacks as these startups know how to develop and build products and achieve high growth from Macedonia.

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