Planting for the Future [16.11.2019]

One of the most popular topics in recent months, although the crisis has been building up for decades, has been climate change and all the ways we can slow it down and hopefully reverse it. On a planet attempting to support billions of people and wildlife, trees inevitably hold the key to the survival and thriving of both, and yet they are the first to go down when people get seduced by a financial gain luring around the corner. One of the most serious problems that humanity is facing these days is deforestation which inevitably leads to losing our future for a short-lasting present benefiting only a few.

The statistics surrounding this issue are alarming with the world losing 502,000 square miles (1.3 million square kilometers) between 1990 and 2016 according to the World Bank (World Bank, 2019) – an area larger than South Africa. The biggest culprits for this phenomenon are: farming, urbanization, grazing of livestock, mining, drilling and wildfires.

Trees are essential for various reasons, but most immediately they are instrumental in absorbing not only the carbon dioxide which we exhale but also the greenhouse gasses that human activities emit and trap heat. As these gasses are emitted into the atmosphere global warming increases and this is the effect popularly known as climate change.

Deforestation affects both people and animals living around where the trees are cut threatening extinction of a number of species and deterioration of human health and the only way to reverse this is to repopulate the forests. Also, for the first time ever more than 50 percent of the world’s population now lives in towns and cities which has highly damaging effects on forests, landscapes and green areas in and around cities. The environmental impacts that urbanization has are often intensified by climate change.

One of the ways we can reverse this is by planting urban trees which can alleviate some of these negative impacts and consequences making cities more resilient and the environment cleaner and greener. Urban trees help and contribute to making cities more socioeconomically and environmentally sustainable.

As part of the Macedonia2025 Summit, on Saturday, 16.11.2019 at 10:00 am, Macedonia2025 together with Treebanks will organize a ‘Planting for the Future’ event for all the Summit participants as well as supporters and head to Mount Vodno! This event will be a perfect ending to a great conference focused on tackling air pollution as one of its main topics and will demonstrate great initiative towards not only addressing societal issues but resolving them as well. Join us and be part of the future for all!