Summit Daily Highlights – Wednesday 13 November

The eighth annual Macedonia 2025 Summit opened today at Marriott Hotel – Skopje with a snapshot of Macedonian entrepreneurship in 2019. If today’s events are an accurate reflection then Macedonian entrepreneurship is growing and leaving entrenched positions of previous generations behind.

Young Entrepreneurs

The day began with finals for the High School Students Competition “Best Business Concept” and a Startup Pitching Competition. The ideas and business plans get better every year. A new entrepreneurship culture is taking root in Macedonia thanks to the efforts from the private sector, NGOs, and the government. In years ahead Macedonia will reap a harvest from growing companies.

Spotlight Conversation with Harry Kraemer & Mike Zafirovski on Becoming a Values-Based Leader

How values based leadership has changed the government and/or non-profit organizations? The key challenge is that you must become self aware and think about what your values and purpose are. Is it about success or about significance? We live in an age of capitalism, where people only care about generating value and being reputable.

Setting a good example by building strong relationships with people above and below you. True value in business comes from being a good person. What is more, family and personal relationships are pivotal. Any person that is willing to be self-reflective, can become a value-based leader. Truly take the time to self-reflect. Ask yourself, what am I really about?