Innovations and their Impact on Environment/ Air Pollution: Policy Level

PM air pollution poses a threat both to people’s health as well as the economy’s growth, imposing an enormous cost on Macedonia. This topic will be the focus of this year’s Summit, which will serve as an opportunity to discuss this major concern and gain beneficial insights from environmental experts, policy makers and innovative business leaders. At the session titled “Innovations and their Impact on Environment/ Air Pollution: Policy Level”, chaired by Olimpija Hristova Zaevska, International Finance and Investment Adviser to the Minister of Finance, the following leading experts will share their views and expertise on the topic. 

Nigel Jollands: Associate Director, Policy Products and Green Cities, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change, EBRD
Jasminka Young: Co-Founder and Program Director at RES Foundation
Joonas Koivisto: Senior Project Scientist at Arche Consulting, Air Pollution Specialist and Visiting Researcher at the University of Helsinki
Naser Nuredini: Minister of Environment and Physical Planning of the Republic of N.Macedonia

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